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After we have been putting together the pieces of our jigsaw Home of CULture for a long time, we have succeeded to add the sixth, pre-final, piece - accommodation with breakfast for travellers (B&B). How did our jigsaw start? First we moved to the flat, then we created the muziKafe coffe bar, decorated the terrace andenlivened the cellar and the square. At the moment last-minute details are being completedin seven rooms which will be available from June 2012 onwards. Each room in the house on Vraz Square 1 is imbued with our creativity as this is the place which enables our inner, creative and expressive voice to speak. The absence of TV is a speciality of our rooms butthere is a WI-FI access. The rooms vary in shape, size, colour, facilities, and furnishing. The prices change accordingly. Each room has its own bathroom. There is also a small kitchen for all guests to use.




Bed (person)

1 person

2 persons

ROOM 1 (22m2)

2X160cm (1-4)

 59 eur

81 eur    

ROOM 2   (11m2)

1x130cm   (1-2)

1x 90cm

 42 eur

57 eur    

ROOM 3  (25m2)

2x160cm   (1-4)

 67 eur

90 eur   

ROOM 4  (16m2)

1x160cm   (1-2)

 54 eur

74 eur   

ROOM 5  (14m2)

1x140cm   (1-2)

 52 eur

65 eur   

ROOM 6  (14m2)

1x140cm   (1-2)

 52 eur

65 eur   

ROOM 7  (29m2)

- apartma

2x160cm   (1-4)

 67 eur

90 eur   




- The price includes breakfast (B&B).

- Included 9,5% vat.

- The price does not include 1,27 eur p.p. city tax.

 - Each additional person staying in a room: 15 eur

- Children under 6 years (sharing bad with their parents): 0,00 eur

Welcome to our Home Of CULTure-muziKafe!